Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) in Seattle

Been Charged with Driving While License Suspended? Our Seattle DWLS Attorneys Can Help

driving ticketDriving after your license has been suspended or revoked is a crime in Seattle, and it could result in severe penalties with far reaching consequences. Our Seattle driving while license suspended (DWLS) attorneys can help you understand how the law applies in your case, and what follows is a brief overview.

Seattle DWLS charges are broken down into three categories or “degrees” according to Seattle law. Much hinges on the reasons for your initial Seattle driver’s license suspension.

Habitual offenders and driver’s who lost their license because of drunk driving, hit and run, or other criminal driving offenses are most often charged with first and second degree DWLS.

DWLS first degree is the most serious type of suspension. This means your license was suspended because you have been classified as a habitual traffic offender. DWLS first degree is also a gross misdemeanor, but it comes with a mandatory 10 days in jail with a conviction. Additionally, it also comes with a one-year license suspension. That suspension will be added onto whatever suspension you are currently facing.

The second type is DWLS second degree, which is a gross misdemeanor, meaning the maximum penalty is 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. Additionally, it comes with a one-year license suspension and counts as a strike for Habitual Traffic Offender Status. The most common way that a license becomes suspended in the second degree is due to a DUI or a reckless driving conviction. Normally, people who have their license suspended in the second degree have options to drive legally, including an ignition interlock license or an occupational license.

The least serious and most common is DWLS third degree. This means you are immediately eligible for reinstatement except for something that is required. Normally, the required item is money, but occasionally, it could be something else, like proof of treatment. The required money could be due to unpaid tickets or child support. Or it could stem from an accident while you were uninsured. For example, if you choose to ignore a ticket, the ticket will normally go to collections, and then your license will be suspended. Likewise, if you choose to ignore a criminal case, you will get a warrant, and then when you go to try to renew your license, you will be unable to. DWLS third degree is a misdemeanor, which means the maximum penalty is 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Our team of Seattle DWLS lawyers has over 30 years of combined experience handling driving while license suspended charges, and can help you seek to mitigate the penalties you face in a variety of ways. First and foremost, our Seattle DWLS attorneys can help you get a better understanding of the charges against you, which is a good starting point in building an aggressive defense strategy.

No matter which variety of DWLS crime you’re charged with, it makes sense to find out how our Seattle driving while license suspended lawyers can help minimize the damage a conviction could cause.

Our Seattle DWLS Lawyers Can Help You, or Someone You Care About

When faced with any Seattle auto-related criminal prosecution there is risk of going to jail or losing your driver’s license. In circumstances such as these you need someone who will look out for your best interests and protect your legal rights in Seattle Court. Criminal lawyer Jason S. Newcombe and his team of Seattle DWLS attorneys will act as your personal advocates with the court and the prosecution. A favorable DWLS end result is often made possible with adequate preparation and skillful litigation.

One thing is certain: you have options. Don’t waste any time in contacting one of our Seattle DWLS lawyers - getting an early start on the process of establishing a defense gives you the best chance of success. You can contact our Seattle law firm today and schedule an appointment to discuss your DWLS case.

Don’t let a DWLS charge cause you to lose your driver’s license. If you lose your Seattle driving privileges you could find that getting to work or even getting to the grocery store is highly problematic. Contact us today and find out how professional representation can make a huge difference in your Seattle State criminal DWLS case.

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