Infractions (Tickets) in Bellevue

Traffic Violation“Infractions” are what many commonly refer to as tickets. Infractions are different than crimes. Infractions do not have jail as a possible penalty, unlike crimes. That is one of the pluses.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to infractions as well. The burden of proof for the government is a lot lower with infractions. This means it is a lot easier for the government to prove their case against you. Another problem is the officer not having to appear to testify. Officers can simply submit a written report in lieu of their testimony, unless you specifically subpoena the officer.

Infractions are broken down into two different categories – traffic and non-traffic. Non-traffic are infractions not related to a vehicle. This would include noise ordinance violations and leash law violations. Traffic violations are infractions related to vehicles. Traffic violations are further broken down into two categories – moving and non-moving. Moving violations include speeding, failure to yield, and following too closely. Non-moving violations include seatbelt tickets, camera tickets, and parking tickets.

Washington does not have a point system when it comes to tickets. Instead, you can get a suspension for having too many moving violations within a certain period of time. If you get 4 moving violations within a year or 5 within two years, you face a suspension.

Give our Bellevue, Washington, office a call if you are worried about a ticket going on your record. One of our experienced traffic ticket attorneys will be happy to answer your options.

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