Paternity Cases

Resolve Complicated Family Issues with Help from Our Tacoma Paternity Attorneys

paternityCases involving paternity can often lead to a lot of anger and fighting. This is especially true when child custody is a factor in cases where unmarried couples are involved. Our Tacoma paternity lawyers can offer you support through this difficult time, and make sure that your legal rights are being protected.

Establishing paternity is the means by which the courts determine the relationship between a father and child. People seek paternity attorneys in Tacoma for different reasons, but all are of vital importance to the people involved.

In cases of child support a mother might request the services of one of our Tacoma paternity attorneys to ascertain if a man who is denying that he is the father is actually responsible. If a DNA test determines that he is indeed the father of the child then our Tacoma paternity lawyers can request that the court impose child support requirements.

The opposite also holds true, as sometimes men who are NOT the father are asked by mothers to pay child support. Our Tacoma paternity lawyers can address this issue by supplying evidence to the court after a paternity test is conducted.

In some cases a Tacoma child custody attorney might be needed if a mother is denying a father visitation with a child because she claims he is not the biological father. These are sensitive cases that demand the care and professionalism of a qualified Tacoma child custody lawyer who understands paternity law.

Whether you’re seeking a Tacoma child custody attorney, or need a professional to help you determine the paternity of a child for any reason, then you should contact our office today.

Paternity Attorneys in Tacoma Offer a Free Case Evaluation

Establishing paternity is usually done via a DNA test. Our Tacoma paternity lawyers can help you better understand this process and deal with the Washington Court on your behalf. The results of the test can be inclusive, which means that the person tested is the father. They can also be exclusive, which means the man tested is not the father.

Once the results are in, our Tacoma paternity attorneys act quickly to help you take the next steps. Obviously, there are a lot of variables in any paternity case so it’s a good idea to talk to a qualified Tacoma child custody lawyer about the particulars of your situation. We offer a free consultation so that you can get some answers and make an informed decision on how you would like your case handled.

A Tacoma child custody attorney knows how important determining paternity can be. Issues involving inheritance, family medical history, and insurance benefits can all be a factor at some point in a child’s future. Schedule a free consultation with a Tacoma child custody lawyer from our office today who can help you address the important topic of paternity.

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