Negligent Driving in Federal Way

Our Federal Way Negligent Driving Lawyers Can Explain This Often Confusing Offense

Negligent driving is described as driving in a way that endangers other people or property. In Washington State this is a lesser charge than reckless driving, but a conviction still incurs serious repercussions. Drivers found guilty of this crime often suffer lasting damage to their finances, and may even lose their Washington driver's license. Negligent driving is divided into two separate offenses, each with its own set of penalties.

The Federal Way negligent driving attorneys at the Law Office of Jason S. Newcombe will explain your particular charge, and how the law applies to your offense. The two categories of negligent driving are described as follows:

  • First Degree Negligent Driving - As the most serious Washington negligent driving crime, this charge is levied against drivers who act carelessly and are believed to have consumed alcoholic beverages. Sometimes a police officer charges a motorist with this alcohol-related crime even if they're not legally intoxicated, which may be interpreted as subjective.
  • Second Degree Negligent Driving - As the most serious civil infraction in Washington State, a conviction means the prospect of being forced to pay higher auto insurance premiums for years to come.

If you're facing a negligent driving charge in Washington, contact our Federal Way legal team and get professional legal assistance designed to mitigate the damage of a conviction. Our Federal Way negligent driving lawyers will use their experience and knowledge of the law in an effort to keep your driving record clean.

Our Federal Way Negligent Driving Attorneys Will Work To Resolve Your Case

If you feel like your negligent driving charge was warrantless, or want to mitigate the damage of a conviction, you should seek out a lawyer who can help you face these charges head-on.

negligent drivingDrivers may be charged with negligent driving at the sole discretion of a police officer, which may offer a reasonable means of defense. While there are never any guarantees in a negligent driving situation, the outcome of your case will likely depend on the police reports and other related details. Protecting your own interests is our number-one priority, and makes good sense when you consider the high cost of failure.

For more than thirty years our Federal Way negligent driving attorneys have defended Washington drivers charged with these offenses, and we will use our experience to help resolve your case.

Enjoy A Cost-Free Federal Way Negligent Driving Consultation

Get reliable legal information from one of our Federal Way negligent driving lawyers without cost, so that you can weigh your options and make decisions accordingly. After your free case evaluation, you are free to choose one of our attorneys to act as your personal advocate with the court. You can trust that they will do everything the law allows to fight your Federal Way negligent driving charge, and offer you counsel whenever you need it.

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