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Do you need someone who can fight for your legal rights and defend your freedom? Are you confused about the charges brought against you and looking for some answers?

When you need a lawyer to skillfully craft your defense to criminal charges and keep you informed as your case proceeds through the court system, our team of Yelm criminal defense lawyers is here to serve you.

Criminal defense law covers everything from representing individuals before they are charged, through the sentencing and appeals stages. Criminal charges can range from minor traffic offenses up to deliberate homicide. Our firm represents people in need of help from traffic citations to felonies. Retaining an attorney when you know that criminal charges against you are being reviewed can often result in beneficial outcomes in many areas such as pre-arranging bail, pre-arranging appearing in court as opposed to being arrested, as well as discussion of the charges being reviewed. If you know criminal charges are being considered against you or someone you know, call us for a free consultation to discuss the options.

A serious criminal charge can have you fighting for your fundamental freedom. Do not gamble while your freedom is at stake! Contact our team of Yelm criminal law attorneys today and let us stand up for your legal rights and fight for your freedom.

Understanding the Thurston County Criminal Court System

Unlike civil law, which concerns disputes between individuals seeking monetary compensation for wrongful conduct, criminal law is the body of law dealing with a person being accused by the government of committing a crime.

In the United States, crimes are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. A misdemeanor is considered the less serious of charges and is broken down into two categories-

  1. Simple Misdemeanors- These crimes carry a punishment of up to 90 days in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine.
  2. Gross Misdemeanors- These crimes carry a punishment of up to 364 days in jail and/or up-to a $5,000 fine.

Felonies are far more serious charges and therefore carry significantly higher punishments. There are three levels of felonies in Washington state-

  1. Class A felony- These are the most serious charges and are punishable by up to a $50,000 fine and/or up-to life in a state correctional facility.
  2. Class B felony- This charge is punishable by fines up to $20,000 and/or up to 10 years in a state correctional facility.
  3. Class C felony- Is punishable up to $10,000 in fines and/or up to 5 years in a state correctional facility.

If you have been charged with a crime in Yelm, you will most likely have to appear in criminal court. This section will offer a brief overview of the criminal court system in Washington and attempt to answer some of the questions about the court you or a loved one may have.

The word municipal is defined as “relating to a city or town or its governing body.” Municipal Courts manage cases involving violations of traffic and misdemeanor ordinances that occur within the city limits of incorporated municipalities. The Yelm Municipal Court is located in the Public Safety Building on McKenzie Ave.

The Thurston County District Court, located in Olympia, serves as district court to all cities within Thurston county. The district court or “county court” as it is commonly referred to, hears two different types of cases, civil cases, and criminal cases. When it comes to criminal cases brought in the district court there are two different types:

  • Cases involving violations of State law.
  • Cases involving violations of City law that have been appealed from a municipal court. If a defendant chooses to appeal a case that was previously decided in a municipal court the district court will hear the case and is not beholden to the municipal court’s decision.

Additionally, district court may also hear expedited and preliminary felony cases.

The Superior Courts have general jurisdiction over all legal disputes. These are the courts where criminal, civil, family, and juvenile matters are generally resolved through arbitration, mediation, and bench or jury trials. The superior court also hears appeals from District and Municipal Court cases. There are 32 superior courts in Washington state, covering all 39 of the state’s counties. The Thurston County Superior Court also has exclusive jurisdiction over all felony trials not listed in the district court section.

As soon as you are charged with a crime, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Washington state criminal defense lawyer. Working with an attorney you trust from the outset of your case will allow your lawyer to be present for questioning, understand the options that you have available to you, and in some cases reduce your bail amounts. The right Yelm defense attorney may also be able to help you negotiate favorable outcomes for your case before it reaches trial, through plea bargains or dismissal in the pretrial.

How a Yelm Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

When you’ve been arrested for a crime, you may wonder whether you need to hire an attorney. Many people accused of a crime wonder whether hiring a lawyer will be a waste of time and money. Here’s the absolute truth: Failing to hire an aggressive attorney could land you behind bars.

Generally, you will get better results by retaining a criminal defense attorney as soon as the government files charges or begins its investigation. It’s in your best interest to not take a wait-and-see approach to a criminal situation.

When hiring a criminal defense attorney, you want to seek out a firm with experience in all aspects of Washington state criminal litigation. To give you an idea of the types of cases we handle, here is some information on 5 of our most common practice areas

Assault- The specific circumstances surrounding each assault accusation are always extremely important and can significantly affect the outcome of your case. The severity of charges and penalties often depends on the identity of the victim, the type of threat or physical contact, whether any type of weapon was present, the severity of harm that occurred, the intent of the act, and other additional factors. For more information about how we handle these types of assault cases, or to get details about your specific assault charges, get in touch with our law firm today.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)- Many factors can affect a drunk driving charge. A good criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the evidence surrounding the DUI charges, and explore all the defense options available in a case. Regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest, DUI is a serious charge and requires a serious defense. Timing is critical, so don’t wait to contact a Yelm DUI defense attorney.

Domestic Violence- A heated argument or physical confrontation can quickly escalate into cops at the door and legal trouble. In a short period, you are removed from your home, charged with a crime, and ordered not to contact your spouse, partner, or children. Family crimes are on the rise in Kitsap county. The law requires a police officer responding to a domestic violence call to make an arrest if the officer has probable cause to believe that a domestic violence offense was committed. Washington state statute RCW 26.50.010 defines domestic violence as-

(1) "Domestic or family violence" includes, but is not limited to, conduct when committed by one family member against another that is classified in the jurisdiction where the conduct occurred as a domestic violence crime or a crime committed in another jurisdiction

One of the most important parts of this state statute is how Washington State defines “family members.”

(2) "Family or household members" means spouses, former spouses, persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time, adult persons related by blood or marriage, adult persons who are presently residing together or who have resided together in the past, persons sixteen years of age or older who are presently residing together or who have resided together in the past and who have or have had a dating relationship, persons sixteen years of age or older with whom a person sixteen years of age or older has or has had a dating relationship, and persons who have a biological or legal parent-child relationship, including stepparents and stepchildren and grandparents and grandchildren.

The courts take domestic violence charges seriously, and you must too. If you are accused of domestic assault or related charges, our team of Yelm criminal law attorneys will protect your rights and fight the charges.

Theft- Under Washington law, crimes of theft occur when an individual wrongfully takes, obtains, or withholds the property of another person to deprive that person of their property. The types of theft crimes vary widely and can range from minor misdemeanor charges of shoplifting to felony charges of theft in the first degree. If you have been arrested and charged with a theft crime, you will be facing the possibility of jail or prison time, large fines, community service, and a permanent criminal record. Having a team of knowledgeable and helpful Yelm theft lawyers representing you can mean the difference between being punished to the fullest extent of the law and having your charges either reduced or dropped.

White Collar Crimes- The term “white-collar crime” generally refers to non-violent criminal offenses that are typically financial in nature. Some examples of white-collar crimes are forgery, identity theft, embezzlement, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, and credit card fraud. Due to complex regulations, people can easily find themselves charged with serious white-collar crimes simply by making a mistake. The defense of complex white-collar criminal cases requires experience, skill, and often careful analysis of computer files, electronic data, and financial documents. It is important to work with an attorney who will fully investigate the charges to identify what legal defense options exist.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you don’t see your specific charge listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Thurston County criminal defense attorneys to go over the specifics of your charges. Our firm will explain the process to you and navigate you through the legal process.

With more than 50 combined years practicing criminal law, our team of Yelm criminal law attorneys is prepared to successfully defend a wide variety of criminal charges. We investigate every legal defense available to you, explain your options so you can make the best decision possible, and we always treat you with respect. We offer a no-cost initial case consultation so that you can get to know us, and we can get to know the specifics of your charges. Contact us today to discuss your legal concerns with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Yelm- Heat Waves From the Sun

In 1883 Yelm came into being as a gateway to Mt Rainier. According to Nisqually legend, the area was first known as Shelm or Chelm, the name given to the shimmering heat waves commonly referred to as a heat mirage.

As of 2020, the population of Yelm sits at about 9,400 people and serves a bedroom community for residents working in the surrounding cities of Tacoma, Olympia, and Centralia.

With Mt Rainier visible from nearly every part of Yelm, outdoor activities are very popular for residents and visitors alike. One of the most popular destinations for alfresco events is the Yelm City Park, which is approximately one city block in size, and hosts popular Yelm events throughout the year, including Prairie Days, and Family Fun Day.

If you’re an avid cyclist, make sure you bring your gear and try out the Yelm-Tenino Trail. Stretching roughly 14 miles through the cities of Yelm, Rainier, and Tenino, this trail offers a Family Friendly route with stops at the Tenino Depot Museum and the Yelm Bike Park.

Avid or novice anglers are encouraged to stop by Cochrane Memorial Park to enjoy their catch-and-release fishpond filled with rainbow trout. Cochrane Memorial park is also home to an eight-acre constructed wetland park so visitors can enjoy walking paths full of local flora and fauna.

If you’ve been “caught” by criminal charges you need a Yelm criminal defense attorney to help arrange your “release.” Contact our firm today for a free initial case consultation.

Why Should I Hire a Thurston County Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Our Yelm criminal law attorneys will defend you, at every stage of your case, against the harshness of prosecution. Our team of experienced criminal defenders levels the playing field against the government through aggressive advocacy, investigation, negotiation, and litigation. From the beginning of your case to the end, our firm guarantees skillful and diligent courtroom advocacy.

All criminal charges can result in a loss of rights, costly fines, and negatively impact your future. With each charge against you, the seriousness of your situation increases. Don’t put your rights, your freedom, and your future in jeopardy. We offer a free initial case evaluation for every prospective client. Contact our Yelm criminal defense lawyers today for the legal assistance you need to get your life back on track.

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