Felony Crimes in Seattle

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FelonyIn Washington, there are many different crimes that can incur felony charges. Felony offenses have three separate classifications depending on their severity. One thing is certain, every Seattle felony charge should be taken seriously, and it’s vital to have legal representation from qualified Seattle felony lawyers that will protect your legal rights.

If you are convicted of a felony in Seattle, your sentencing will depend on a variety of factors that include previous convictions, the prosecutor’s recommendations, and the final decision of the judge. Much will hinge on the effectiveness of your defense, and this is why working with Seattle felony attorneys that you can trust is so important.

A felony conviction will likely affect you for the rest of your life. It could also affect the people you care about, and may make it difficult for you to find a quality job. Indeed, your cherished freedom could be jeopardized. Our Seattle felony criminal lawyers will aggressively fight to protect your interests, and will explore all avenues of a legal defense.

Understanding Your Charges – Our Seattle Felony Attorneys Explain the Law

One of the smartest things you can do now is get an in-depth understanding of your felony charges with help from one of our qualified Seattle felony lawyers. Once you understand the penalties you could be facing, it will be easier to start forging a path toward developing a defense.

Our Seattle felony criminal attorneys will also help you better understand the legal process, including how possible plea scenarios with the prosecutor might work, and what could happen if the case were to go before a jury. While no two Seattle felony cases are ever the same, our three decades of combined experience has provided our Seattle felony criminal lawyers with real-world experience that will be used on your behalf.

Best of all, our Seattle felony attorneys are familiar with the courts and the prosecutors that try these cases, and this experience in invaluable. Our number one goal is to defend your legal rights, and do whatever we can to minimize the penalties you could be facing. We are in your corner, and will ensure that your side of the story gets told.

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At the law offices of Jason S. Newcombe, we offer a cost-free case analysis, so that you can start getting some answers today – answers that will help you decide how you would like to proceed with your criminal case. There is no obligation, so you are free to proceed as you see fit, but if you retain our team of professional Seattle litigators you will have our experience working on your behalf, ensuring that someone is at your side every step of the way and making sure your interests are valued.

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"Great service and follow up. Its a scary thing when you need a lawyer but Jason and his team make it less so. Very happy with our outcome." Scott Thibeault
"Jason and his team are excellent!! Everyone on the staff is super helpful and always follows up as promised. Jason has continuously gone above and beyond what's expected of him, which really put me at ease and let me know he was there to have my back. He's extremely knowledgeable of the law, has tons of experience, and make sure he takes the time to get the best outcome possible. Things would have been much worse for me without Jason's help." Jesse H.
"Jason Newcombe is an excellent attorney. He is professional, well-spoken and intent on achieving the goals set out during his initial counseling. If you are looking for an attorney to best represent you throughout your court process, Mr. Newcombe is a gifted rhetoric who presents his cases flawlessly and dedicates the entirety of his free time into making sure his clients receive the best possible outcome." G. S.
"Jason Newcombe and his Associate's are all top notch individuals who will fight tooth and nail for you and go the distance to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible on your case. I would not be where I am today if not for the Law offices of Jason Newcombe." Eric Brandt
"From start to finish with the DUI process Jason Newcombe's office has been more than helpful, friendly, honest and respectful.From the beginning, Jason was on our side and fighting our battle with us. He flat out laid out our options honestly and gave us his opinion on which was the best way to go, but never made the decision for us. Jason is very professional yet personable. We are completely satisfied with our end result. Couldn't ask for a better lawyer to be on your side." Christina P.