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Criminal Trespass

arrestBasically, trespassing is being somewhere you are not supposed to be. While it might seem harmless, it is important to take these types of accusations seriously. Any type of criminal conviction can impact your ability to get jobs and even rent an apartment. Criminal trespass is broken up into two degrees.

First degree criminal trespass is a gross misdemeanor, which means the maximum penalty is 364 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. This is charged when an individual knowingly enters or remains in a building unlawfully. A common example is when someone is asked to leave a restaurant or bar and refuses to leave.

Second degree criminal trespass, instead is a misdemeanor which means the maximum penalty is 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Second degree criminal trespass is like first degree, except without the building. An example would include someone loitering in a non-building parking lot after previously being notified not to do so.

If you are facing a criminal trespass charge, do not hesitate to give our Everett, Washington office a call. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss your options.

Client Reviews
"Great service and follow up. Its a scary thing when you need a lawyer but Jason and his team make it less so. Very happy with our outcome." Scott Thibeault
"Jason and his team are excellent!! Everyone on the staff is super helpful and always follows up as promised. Jason has continuously gone above and beyond what's expected of him, which really put me at ease and let me know he was there to have my back. He's extremely knowledgeable of the law, has tons of experience, and make sure he takes the time to get the best outcome possible. Things would have been much worse for me without Jason's help." Jesse H.
"Jason Newcombe is an excellent attorney. He is professional, well-spoken and intent on achieving the goals set out during his initial counseling. If you are looking for an attorney to best represent you throughout your court process, Mr. Newcombe is a gifted rhetoric who presents his cases flawlessly and dedicates the entirety of his free time into making sure his clients receive the best possible outcome." G. S.
"Jason Newcombe and his Associate's are all top notch individuals who will fight tooth and nail for you and go the distance to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible on your case. I would not be where I am today if not for the Law offices of Jason Newcombe." Eric Brandt
"From start to finish with the DUI process Jason Newcombe's office has been more than helpful, friendly, honest and respectful.From the beginning, Jason was on our side and fighting our battle with us. He flat out laid out our options honestly and gave us his opinion on which was the best way to go, but never made the decision for us. Jason is very professional yet personable. We are completely satisfied with our end result. Couldn't ask for a better lawyer to be on your side." Christina P.